feeling it

Waking up this morning and walking into the den, I see this little gal first thing. Made me laugh, even grab the camera because it kind of sums me up right now. I hurt my back somehow and I am really feeling it, the house needs some major attention and I am really feeling that too. A call from my best friend who I haven't seen in way too long prompted a weekend visit and a reason to get that cleaning done. Time to straighten up this little old doll and get going.. somehow. Hope your day is up and at it too!


dress part deux

I had to try this little dress on Kate as soon as she got home from preschool. Here is the fit. You can see how nicely the fabric drapes, and when I slipped it over her head she said "oh, soft!" A keeper. Even though I kept wishing this fabric was quilter's cotton, I am sold on the gauze for clothing, it is really nice.

far far away princess dress

I am on a roll with this little pattern. This time I used some of my prized Heather Ross fabric from her new line. This pattern is the Princess and the Pea naturally! with the coordinating flowers for the arms. This line of fabric is made of cotton gauze. I have never sewn with this before and while I had a few challenges, the softness of it made up for any grumbling that may have ensued. I chose to line it in a cotton gauze as well because it is pretty see through and I knew that would drive me nuts when I saw it on her.
The little princess atop her mattresses is just so darn sweet! I love the childhood simplicity of it all and the colors are scrumptious!


go check out etsy today

Hope you make it over to etsy.com today to see all the wonderful and talented artists that there are. And of course don't forget our humble shop, Olliekate ! If you don't see what you want in the size you need, just email us. We love to do custom orders. In fact a large majority of our work is custom since kids are all different, right? Here is the most recent design for a little girl turning 6 who was described as "loving elephants and very girly" I came up with this, hope she loves it!

And in honor of Etsy Day, here is a quick list of some of my favorite shops to look around and to buy from too! Not enough time today to get them all on there, but you will find so much more on your own.
Brown Robin : handmade bags for kids and their mamas
Fabric Supplies: name says it all!
Sarah Jane Studios: childhood prints. These decorate my little girl's room
Studio Mela: art prints
Whole Grain Baby: adorable kid's clothes
Sarah Jane Studios


etsy day friday, april 24th

Hey Everybody! Tomorrow is Etsy Day. What does this mean you say?
Etsy is an online site for everything handmade, if you didn't know already! Shame on you! And this isn't grandma handmade, this is cool handmade. Like those bags you see women carrying and want one but it is not in any store, or those adorable kid's clothes that no one else has! Pottery, art, knits, clothes, jewelry,bags the list goes on and on and on.. And there is so much out there. Etsy is my go to when I need a gift. You will know the recipient will be awed that you found something so unique that didn't come from Target or the mall!
So, tomorrow have fun and go shopping. Etsy is always open!
In honor of etsy day, I will highlight some of my favorite sellers tomorrow to help you out!


to be creative, to be a mom

This morning I read a great post on Design Mom's blog that I wanted to share because it really hit home with how I often feel about being a mom to little kids and the need to be creative. Click here to read her guest blogger Amy's post:
photo from Diary of a Quilter blog

And also check out Amy's blog for a fun fabric giveaway. Ends on Wednesday so throw your name in the hat if you need, I mean want more fabric!
Diary of a Quilter


the "claire" dress

This dress started out as the Claire pattern from Portabello Pixie which my dear friend so graciously lent to me. I have also made another version of this dress but it is not done. Hope to finish that one this weekend some time. Then I tried this one and changed the skirt around a bit. Using my pattern from this jumper, and combining it with the sleeves on the Claire. It is so cute and comfy on her too. I think it would work well for a top as well. I am sure I will be making a few more of these for summer. And this is Amy Butler fabric that I have been wanting to use for such a long time. Thankfully Kate will wear it even though it isn't pink!


this -n- that and 100 posts oh my!

We are home from our trip to the beach for Easter. Sand, sun, a little rain, Easter celebrating and bunny visits pretty much sums it up. Nice to get away for a short spell. Some quick photos of our attempt to get a family photo and the kids after their egg hunt on the lawn. Love how Kate is eyeing her brothers' baskets!

And I came to realize that this is actually my 100th post here on this little old blog. Which got me starting to think about why I chose to blog and where it has gone from there. I initially thought it would be a great outlet for Olliekate, to showcase what was new in our shop and what we were up to. But it has extended well beyond that for me over time. I have gotten to share our family stories with my family and friends that stop by and even made new friends with people who have found their way here. And another one of my favorite parts of blogging is sharing the world of sewing with so many other bloggers out there. I have found a lot of inspiration from reading and looking at pictures. Ideas from tutorials, fabric designers, etsy artists and pattern reviews. I don't post pictures of what I make in order for people to tell me if they like it, but rather to share in that inspiration of creating something with your own hands and imagination. I have really stepped up my sewing game over the past year and I love how much the web has taught and helped me with that. Sharing our creations and seeing how people use fabrics is totally motivating for me to turn that machine on and see what else I can make. So on this 100th post I look forward to sharing more inspiration in the future and thank you for stopping by to check it out. I would love to see what you do too , so leave a hello if you wish and come back again!


what i like about you

During the season of Lent we have started a little tradition of our own over the past couple of years. We created a "compliment jar". It is placed in the middle of the dining room table along with an empty glass jar, some scraps of paper and a pencil. It is a reminder to slow down and give someone in the family a little compliment and let them know why you love them. At first, it was my 7 year old who was all about it and it became like a game of mailbox for him. Each day we would all discover piles of compliments waiting for us. Things like "dinner was great, thanks Mom" or " I love you Kate" and even his older brother got some " I like when you play with me, it makes me happy". Our 9 year old little boy soon came on board and was writing compliments, without even being asked. Pretty good considering we have to ask him to do almost everything else. His started like "you stink, but I like you anyway" and then he got real and sent some to his brother that were sincere and made his day. From the funny ones (I like that you coach my team Dad even though you get impatient!) to the sweetest ever
(I feel special when we play together) it is a lesson for all of us to remember the importance of a compliment. Not taking each other for granted and jotting it down for future memories. I take these little scraps and tape them in a notebook to keep.
As Easter approaches and the notes get collected, we sit around and read them together. And my own wish is that giving those sweet words becomes a little easier and second nature among brothers and sisters and parents too.
We are off to chase the sun for Easter. Be back soon!


weekend hiking

Because I have lived away from these mountains, I have felt what it is to feel out of place. To yearn for somewhere else, something else and another way of life. We moved away for 4 years to try out the city, a bigger city at least and it was truly like putting a square in a circle. I feel lucky to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I feel whole. It takes us just a short 10 minute drive to get immersed in the forest. My husband reminds me how alive the kids come when we go on hikes; how free and happy. We all are.
As Spring reveals its beauty, I look forward to more days like this, getting out as a family and remembering what nature brings to us.
Sometimes "hike" means carry
Crazy boys climbing trees. I tell them they have to stop when they reach arm breaking heights.