dress part deux

I had to try this little dress on Kate as soon as she got home from preschool. Here is the fit. You can see how nicely the fabric drapes, and when I slipped it over her head she said "oh, soft!" A keeper. Even though I kept wishing this fabric was quilter's cotton, I am sold on the gauze for clothing, it is really nice.


Kari said...

Darling dress. It looks so comfortable, which I could pull off wearing something like that!

Sonja said...

I saw your dress and left you a flickr comment! Your dress is what made me cut into mine :) I have the same princess and the pea color way. What did you line it with? I am going to use the same pattern but keep it with the full skirt. I thought maybe that way the princess and the pea print wouldn't be too see through!

Sonja said...

Thanks for the tip! The gauze is nice enough to actually make me want to sew a quilt. Can you imagine a summer gauze quilt to sleep under!!! I hope I have enough left over pieces to do something for a baby too:) Might have to order some grown up prints for myself.