etsy day friday, april 24th

Hey Everybody! Tomorrow is Etsy Day. What does this mean you say?
Etsy is an online site for everything handmade, if you didn't know already! Shame on you! And this isn't grandma handmade, this is cool handmade. Like those bags you see women carrying and want one but it is not in any store, or those adorable kid's clothes that no one else has! Pottery, art, knits, clothes, jewelry,bags the list goes on and on and on.. And there is so much out there. Etsy is my go to when I need a gift. You will know the recipient will be awed that you found something so unique that didn't come from Target or the mall!
So, tomorrow have fun and go shopping. Etsy is always open!
In honor of etsy day, I will highlight some of my favorite sellers tomorrow to help you out!

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