go check out etsy today

Hope you make it over to etsy.com today to see all the wonderful and talented artists that there are. And of course don't forget our humble shop, Olliekate ! If you don't see what you want in the size you need, just email us. We love to do custom orders. In fact a large majority of our work is custom since kids are all different, right? Here is the most recent design for a little girl turning 6 who was described as "loving elephants and very girly" I came up with this, hope she loves it!

And in honor of Etsy Day, here is a quick list of some of my favorite shops to look around and to buy from too! Not enough time today to get them all on there, but you will find so much more on your own.
Brown Robin : handmade bags for kids and their mamas
Fabric Supplies: name says it all!
Sarah Jane Studios: childhood prints. These decorate my little girl's room
Studio Mela: art prints
Whole Grain Baby: adorable kid's clothes
Sarah Jane Studios

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Varenia said...

thank you for the link! i love your blog!!!