scrappy pillows

I recently made these 2 pillows for my boys to go with those quilts that I am going to finish one day, I swear. My son asked me where is that big blanket thing with all the pictures on it!?
But I had such a pile of cute scraps from their quilts, I made one in a wonky log cabin block that is 18" square and got some more practice with my walking foot making a grid pattern on it. The second pillow is 12x16" and is simply irregular strips pieced together. Then I free motion quilted that one.

I also got a sweet note today on flickr from Dee over on her blog: Creative Perch. She featured my Heather Ross smocked sundress on her blog for her flickr Fridays post. I love that idea as I have become enamoured with flickr over the last few months. Amazing talent. I may have to copy the Flickr Friday idea!
We are wrapping a week of nature camp today. My oldest went to his first camp out without us. I hardly slept last night, worrying and missing him too much. I am off to pick them up soon and then pack, pack, pack for a fun week at the beach!
See you when I get back! Hope you have a great week!


ahh, beautiful quilts

1. finished quilt, 2. patchwork for Ian's room, 3. Muddy Waters, 4. Carrie's B-day Quilt, 5. dqs6 from cathy gaubert, mushroom girls, 6. pillows, 7. Block Party - Quilted, 8. Half Square Triangle Quilt, 9. Stripes in frames lap quilt, 10. Boy Baby Quilt, 11. Stacked scrap quilt for a baby boy, 12. Front of quilt after stippling, 13. Far Far Away Squared, 14. Far Far Away quilt, 15. pillow in progress, 16. IMG_FFAdone0001

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We have been super busy around here and not much time for blogging or sewing for that matter. But here is some eye candy of beautiful quilts posted over on flickr. I love all the color and design. Inspiring... Now that I got the 2 quilt tops for the boys done, I have to motivate to finish them. I love that I have found a new sewing hobby and reason to admire fabric even more.
We spent this past weekend on the lake with friends. Lots of boating, swimming, fishing, some water fall action and my 2 boys jumped off a 20 foot rock into the lake (NOT my idea and I was petrified but boy did they love it) Sorry Mom, this is true!
Got them all to bed at 7:00 tonight, the water can really wear you out!
Hope your weekend was fun and the week kicks off to a good start. My dad is getting a new knee in the morning so I will be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Off to bed to rest up from all the excitement.


my weekend in pictures

2 quilt tops for my boys and 1 little dress for my girl in 2 solid days of sewing with no interruptions! I thought I was dreaming!


here's to the weekend

This weekend I will be heading out of town for my favorite event of the year. A good friend and I pack the minivan with all our sewing gear and head to the middle of nowhere and hole up in a really old farmhouse to sew our hearts out! Sound fun to you? Then you are my type of person, because it is Heaven for me! All that time to sew, talk, drink wine, eat and relax! I am starting on my next quilt project. This one will be for my 9 year old son. I have cut all the fabric this week so as to not waste time doing the thing I like the least in sewing: cutting!

I will hopefully have lots of pictures to share next week of a finished top at the least!

Hope your weekend is full of fun and creativity as well!


3 dresses

I made these sweet dresses for a good friend to give as gifts. I had so much fun putting the fabrics together and making them all. My little girl of course thought they would all be for her, not this time! Again I used my new made up pattern from this post a bit earlier in the summer. And the Heather Ross Russian dolls fabric is even cuter in person, such a pretty shade of lavender. The second dress features Paula Prass fabric Flights of Fancy with Farmer's Market for the sleeves and the last dress is the vibrant, fun and funky Pop Garden from Heather Bailey.


week 7: quilt along progress

Well folks week 7 is here and I have reached my finish line. My first quilt is done. I got to the binding this past weekend and surprisingly it was one of my favorite parts. Sitting on the porch, relaxing and hand sewing was so enjoyable. I will surely try another quilt in the near future. It was a learning process and I got to try some new things on my machine that I had never used, the Bernina rocks! As well as learning how to do a blind stitch, the right way and how to do corners, the right way! My quilt now lies happily at the end of our bed!Thanks for checking out my progress over these past weeks. Did you do an old red barn co. quilt too? I would love to see it. Send your link!