christmas wanderings

Things have been very quiet around these pages this month. That is to contrast the busyness and noise going on in my house! We have been blessed with a wonderful Christmas day and happy children and lots of time to spend together and enjoy a break from the usual. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas season and I will be back soon when things quiet down or at least get back to normal...

Peace & Love


new to the shop

New to the shop! Our pillows are here and cuter than ever. I think they are my new favorite thing to make. They look so adorable and were a big hit at all of our holiday craft shows. Each pillow is unique, soft and fluffy. Check them out over on etsy. They would make a great addition to a child's room.
We will have lots more listings of tees, pins and bibs over the month so keep in touch with us!


losing it...

No, not my mind.. at least not yet. But things, I keep losing the same things over and over again. I am starting to think this is more than mere coincidence. Take the little kid nail clippers. I swear I have bought about 142 pairs of these and yet I still can't manage to tell you right now where a single set is and have 3 kids with nails that are embarrassingly too long. I go to get them, where I swore I put them and gone, all gone. And then there are the pens and pencils that we never have. We go from having 4 boxes of brand new pencils to 2 that all are missing their erasers. Where did they all go? This goes well beyond the missing sock mate in our house and the list is growing of the items that I consistently cannot find. Like: hair bows, my chap stick, the tape, winter hats,my tape measure, that one recipe I have to have....
Is it just me? Is it a constant state of disorganization? Or is there a place we will all witness one day before we die where all these missing things are piled high to the sky waiting to be found?
Until then the list of MIA will continue to rattle on in my brain!


saturday , december 6th

Craft show season is just about over for us but we are excited for one more show tomorrow in Black Mountain. It is a fundraiser for my good friend Heather's Montessori school. The Holiday Parade is going on at the same time so the whole family can have a fun day in beautiful Black Mountain!
Rebecca and I are still busy sewing so we can have some fresh new designs for tomorrow's sale and fill up our inventory.
I laughed today when I told her over the phone that I just used my daughter's detangler to "style" my hair, my kids had 1/2 sandwich sent to school because we are out of everything in the kitchen and my 8 year old walked around this morning telling me he couldn't find any clothes to wear because they are all dirty!
When I get busy sewing , the house of cards that I keep balanced comes crumbling down! No worries, all that will still be waiting for me on Sunday...


open a book

Quick post today because I am dog tired from the craft show today, but I am just loving this print on etsy that I saw. The artist has some really lovely prints in her shop and very affordable. Maybe I should put this in the boys' room as a subtle reminder instead of my nagging about getting their reading done each night! And speaking of reading: our book club is currently reading The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian. It is very good so far I would reccomend it.


Thanksgiving is already behind us and I can hardly believe it! We had a nice trip down to the NC coast for the holiday. The weather was a real treat (high 60s) and a break from the cold here in the mountains. I kind of hate winter so any chance for warmth I will take! We even went boating while we were there. Despite getting seasick and finding out that 2 of my kids don't have very strong sea stomachs either!
But it was fun nonetheless!

Tomorrow Olliekate is participating at the preschool craft fair at North Asheville Preschool if you are local and want to come by! It lasts for 2 days and another craft fair on our calendars this weekend in Black Mountain. Whew.. then that is it for a while and I can take a break, concentrate on family gift giving and get ready for Santa! Still have lots to do in that department too!