this -n- that and 100 posts oh my!

We are home from our trip to the beach for Easter. Sand, sun, a little rain, Easter celebrating and bunny visits pretty much sums it up. Nice to get away for a short spell. Some quick photos of our attempt to get a family photo and the kids after their egg hunt on the lawn. Love how Kate is eyeing her brothers' baskets!

And I came to realize that this is actually my 100th post here on this little old blog. Which got me starting to think about why I chose to blog and where it has gone from there. I initially thought it would be a great outlet for Olliekate, to showcase what was new in our shop and what we were up to. But it has extended well beyond that for me over time. I have gotten to share our family stories with my family and friends that stop by and even made new friends with people who have found their way here. And another one of my favorite parts of blogging is sharing the world of sewing with so many other bloggers out there. I have found a lot of inspiration from reading and looking at pictures. Ideas from tutorials, fabric designers, etsy artists and pattern reviews. I don't post pictures of what I make in order for people to tell me if they like it, but rather to share in that inspiration of creating something with your own hands and imagination. I have really stepped up my sewing game over the past year and I love how much the web has taught and helped me with that. Sharing our creations and seeing how people use fabrics is totally motivating for me to turn that machine on and see what else I can make. So on this 100th post I look forward to sharing more inspiration in the future and thank you for stopping by to check it out. I would love to see what you do too , so leave a hello if you wish and come back again!

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brown robin said...

Oh Liz! I really liked what you had to say in this post. I'm so glad that we're friends and that I've been privy to all 100 of your posts. Thank you so much for your April 9 phone message and your recent comments on my blog. I can feel the "Liz love." I adore the pics of the fam... they capture the spirit of your family perfectly. Plus, doesn't your man just look handsome in a tie? Glad you found your sewing machine feet. Thanks, Kate!