what i like about you

During the season of Lent we have started a little tradition of our own over the past couple of years. We created a "compliment jar". It is placed in the middle of the dining room table along with an empty glass jar, some scraps of paper and a pencil. It is a reminder to slow down and give someone in the family a little compliment and let them know why you love them. At first, it was my 7 year old who was all about it and it became like a game of mailbox for him. Each day we would all discover piles of compliments waiting for us. Things like "dinner was great, thanks Mom" or " I love you Kate" and even his older brother got some " I like when you play with me, it makes me happy". Our 9 year old little boy soon came on board and was writing compliments, without even being asked. Pretty good considering we have to ask him to do almost everything else. His started like "you stink, but I like you anyway" and then he got real and sent some to his brother that were sincere and made his day. From the funny ones (I like that you coach my team Dad even though you get impatient!) to the sweetest ever
(I feel special when we play together) it is a lesson for all of us to remember the importance of a compliment. Not taking each other for granted and jotting it down for future memories. I take these little scraps and tape them in a notebook to keep.
As Easter approaches and the notes get collected, we sit around and read them together. And my own wish is that giving those sweet words becomes a little easier and second nature among brothers and sisters and parents too.
We are off to chase the sun for Easter. Be back soon!


Heather said...

I love that...I think the gast clan may be stealing that idea:)

brown robin said...

Liz! I love this idea...I'm with you, Heather... we may have to start using that around our house.

traci said...

What a great idea. We definitely need that around this house. Thanks for all your ideas to create things for my boys. I like the one that attaches to the belt loop - my 4 and 7 years need that. I think I am going to make a post with all the ideas I have received and try to attach tutorials. Oh, I love all the appliques in your etsy shop. The monsters are cool.