amy butler jumpers

I finished these 2 dresses a while back but it feels like it has been raining ever since and getting a good picture wasn't even a possibility! Today is a nice Spring day, perfect for these little dresses. I made these from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain line. Just a simple little jumper pattern with 2 buttons, easy on and off. Pattern is from New Look and so easy, I made these at the same time. Kate is warming up to the blue one, but since it is "not pink" she has yet to wear it!!


brown robin said...

Ooo.... do you have this pattern is a size 6, girls? how about a size 8, women's? I love them! My favorite is the blue... I've been holding off getting that print. It looks spectacular on that dress.

the roe family said...

oh lord - another wowser!

Kari said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. THese dresses are adorable!