happy august

Back to school is on our minds around here. A few more weeks and our homes get a lot quieter and our lives a lot more scheduled for good and bad.

I made the mistake of going to get school supplies today at Target. I was down to 2 kids and it never crossed my mind that it is tax free Saturday!

I remember totally loving shopping for back to school. All those shiny new notebooks, packs of pencils, crayons and markers. It was all so promising for a new year. We made the most of it despite the crowds and found most everything on both our lists. When we arrived home we were greeted with the infamous teacher letter! It is that letter you receive every year that alarms you to who your child's teacher will be for the coming year. Which is then followed by a flurry of phone calls to all their friends parent's to see if there is at least one kid they like in their class. Luckily we feel good about who they have and the friend thing is still to be determined. Last I spotted my oldest walking around with the phone and the school phone book in his hand dialing numbers :)

The wrapping up of summer vacation has had the opposite effect on our sewing. Both of us over here at Olliekate have had the sewing bug. Lot of new things showing up in the shop and even more in the works. So exciting to create. the flour sack towels I have been working on are finally in the shop and Rebecca has designed this new superstar tee that is cute and timeless. I think it will be a hit.

Our design ideas are always flowing and with kids returning to school in a few weeks, we can make more time to make those ideas real.

But first we will have an Olliekate Family trip to the beach. All 10 of us are heading to the beach for a week. More on that soon!

A little quote from my 6 year old from yesterday I had to share:

"Mom, if the clouds were made of rocks and cotton candy, would you hang out up there?"

Of course I said yes!

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