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When you like to sew, you also like fabric and some of us (you know who you are!) love fabric a little too much. There are lots of great designers out there who make such gorgeous fabric. My stash is modest compared to some but I know I have more than I will ever get to sew. Amy Butler is one of my faves because I have been following her career as a fabric designer since she started and have a lot from her lines. Lately she seems to be on a roll or has quite a large staff I suppose because new lines are coming out all the time. I got this in my inbox today from fabric.com and really like it.
I have been on the search for fabric with navy to make some pillows for my bed. I think I will end up getting one or two of these designs, they go perfectly. I have looked high and low and have had trouble finding anything with navy. Amy's fabrics are full of beautiful fabrics, flowers and cool geometric designs. She seems to hit the nail on the head with most of her lines. And I love how the oldest fabrics form years past, i still love and now they are hard to find. Like a friend said, we should look at it as an investment. I guess the return is the joy of just looking at it and eventually having the nerve to cut it! Silly, I know!
I am challenging myself today to get some stuff sewn for our shop. So I can actually pay for all this fabric I love!
If you haven't ever seen Amy Butler's site, head over there to be inspired!

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brown robin said...

Hee hee... I do believe you quoted me and THAT just makes me giggle. The part that makes me cringe is I'm one of those that has a stash bigger than yours. So claiming "the investment" is an out and out justification on my part. Better call it what it is, huh? Big sigh.