getting organized

Having the kids back at school and the new year starting also brings the stacks. The stacks of papers and pictures and projects and forms and all the other stuff that I have to sort, save, recycle or fill out.
It gets overwelming and every year I try to come up with a system to keep it all under control. The best I have done so far is to have accordion type folders for each of them and file away. Once in a while I go back through and have the heart to take out the ones I really don't need as the file gets more full.
But it never fails that the stacks take over and I am completely overwhelmed. They are like little monsters waiting to control my counter, hiding the counter underneath and reminding me to take care of them or they will multiply like rabbits!
So this year, I am going to stay on top of it, well I hope to but I am trying. School has only been in for a couple weeks, so I will have to own up to these words in a few months.
I am not horribly organized but I secretly wish I was. So this seems like something I could control. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
I did receive my yearly calendar today in the mail. I have been using this same calendar for at least 5 years. My dear friend Lillian introduced it to me and I love it! I even waited too long this year to find it locally so I had to order it online. For some reason I am attached to this school year little calendar and had to have it again! But it is one thing that keeps me organized, at least in my mind. I think I even jumped up and down a little when I saw it in the mailbox because I could write all my dates inside. How silly!
Hope the stacks aren't taking you over yet too!

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