twirly skirt

I have had this pattern saved in my favorites for probably over a year. It is a tutorial from the blog House on Hill Road.

I wanted to wait until my little girl was old enough to wear skirts, and decided to make it for her 2nd birthday next week. It came out pretty cute. Like the name implies it is very twirly and gathered. I got these fabrics last week from Cia's Palette. The orange is a Heather Ross print and the pink is Denyse Schmidt I believe. They are really sweet and fun! I have been in an orange mood. If I have time for more sewing I am going to make her an Olliekate #2 shirt to go with it. It is nice to make some time for some personal sewing projects now and again! She sat on my lap for most of the sewing so it is sweet to have her know I made it and see her run around in it moments later.

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brown robin said...

Oh!  It is so sweet!  Do you think I can make one for my little guy's 2nd?  Maybe one for the big girl instead!  Will you teach me?