in the shop

Getting items listed on etsy with 3 kids home can take longer than you want, but I got 2 more shirts up this morning, Yeah! I am liking this new design with the modern trees and our little bird we use a bunch. Very cute!

In other sewing updates:
Kate's first day of preschool is just around the corner and I had to make her a little bag to carry! She is always toting around my huge purses and dragging them across the ground. Now she has her own little creation to put her treasures in. As well as her diapers, change of clothes and other school things :)
The boys each had one when they were in preschool too and they are still much loved today. I love how sewing can also bring back memoires of that time in our lives when they were made.

Off for a day of swimming and friends! Hope you have a good one too!


brown robin said...

so fun to visit you on your blog... i'm missing you guys at the pool. getting some things done though. i've got about 9 kids bags almost done and i think i'll post to sell by the end of the week. yippee!!!

brown robin said...

p.s. i love the new tree and bird too! can't believe i forgot to say that first...