week 3 quilt along progress

strips sewn,pressed and ready to be cut into blocks

all of my blocks (36) cut, hopefully square!
and ready for week 4
I am still plugging along on the Old Red Barn Co. quilt along.It has been a learning process. I first started sewing when I was 17 in my high school home ec. class. Well, that has been a long time ago and have been sewing more on than off since then. There are lots of things I already know, but I am always looking to learn more about sewing. New techniques, new challenges because there is so much out there to learn.This quilt along is like that.
Here is what I have learned so far from the quilt along:
*Apparently measuring is very important, very important!
*Somehow a straight piece of fabric can have a curve in it when you sew the strips all together.
*This can be fixed.
*The ladies over on the quilt along flickr page rock. They will help you out a lot.
*Inviting a friend over for a "play date" can also mean: Please come look at this and tell me what you think!
*I love the fabric I chose.
*I can't wait to see the finished product
* I am nervous about the whole quilting part!
*I need to relax a bit about it!
*I am having fun doing something new and different
*Deadlines are a good thing for me, I am right on track
*Oh yeah, I am having fun too!

laying out the blocks to see what it will look like (sorry for the bad lighting, it was late!)

So if you were thinking of trying this out, I would recommend it. Even if you are late starting, it doesn't matter because all of the directions are on the site so you can go at your own pace if you choose or just catch up. It is very beginner quilter friendly.


Dana said...

You are doing a GREAT job! I would never have guessed in a million years that this was your first quilt. I love the fabric combo and your blocks turned out great.

brown robin said...

Liz! You are doing a terrific job! This is great, and I love the look of it. Can't wait to see it in person. I will be your quilting guru anytime. Remember... don't stress about the actual quilting. I've got your back on that.

Em said...

Whew! I had to go buy one more fabric because I didn't realize about the square size (somehow mine were coming out at 12.25 or thereabouts.... Anyway - I will work on mine more tonight and hopefully blog about it too! Yours looks lovely - great job!!!

Ariel said...

This is going to be so beautiful! Great fabrics. Don't worry about the quilting! It's much more simple than it seems :)

Rafael's Mum said...

am doing the sewalong too but still waiting for the fabric. Really love your colour choice though. Exactly that I am planning for the quilt after this one. I saw it somewhere on the web but can't find it back.. Those colours in blocks with lots of white around it. There is time .. First getting the fabric for this one lol !

peaknits said...

I found your gorgeous blog afterdoing a search for Heather Ross Far, Far away - love your dress amd see we are bth doing this quiltalong - your quilt is fabulous!

karen said...

Your post is so true about the lessons learned. I am having fun too. Love love love your fabric.