I am a sucker for letterpress. I love how it looks, how it feels and what it represents. Handmade. I recently came across this sweet shop and corresponded with the creator Lisa. She was so sweet and her letterpress cards are so lovely. I had to share. You can find her on etsy here and her website here. I am in love with this print and may just have to get one for a little dancing girl I know!
In Lisa's words:
"Watching my children play and remembering my own childhood inspired me to create illustrations that would be a sweet reminder of life's simple pleasures. I felt images that speak to the child in all of us would be perfect for greeting cards used to connect us with friends and family."
Isn't that just perfect?


Anonymous said...

I'm so honored to be featured on your blog today. Thank you so much!!!

brown robin said...

Oh... I love every single illustarion and sweetbeets reply. You are always so good about recoginizing others... time to sew together yet. Summer is approaching.

Victoria said...

Oh my goodness, these are absolutely adorable! I love their old fashioned quality!