Sometimes while cleaning I can find the biggest treasures. This was written by my 7 year old and if you know him, it comes at no surprise!

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I lost my tooth in the sand. I couldn't find it. Instead of money I want a laptop or a cell phone because my parents won't let me have either of those things.
PS: My brother lost one in the sand too. Please give him a cell phone or a lap top.

He didn't really lose this tooth you see. He just thought he could trick the tooth fairy with his letter and even put a lego under his pillow because he thought it might look real! Oh, how kids can make us smile.
Here's to getting what you wish for!


brown robin said...

Holy cow!!!! That is toooo much! Especially since I know the kid and if he could only bat his cute eyes at the tooth fairy you know he would get a cell phone... and one for his brother to boot!

the roe family said...

OMG Liz that is hallarious!