happy mother's day

I received this sweet note from my daughter's teacher. I couldn't say it better. May you all enjoy your mother's this weekend and take some time for yourself too. I am going to visit my mom and I can't wait to spend the day together!

On Mother's Day, some of us celebrate, and some of us mourn. Some of us remember the mothers in our lives with thanksgiving, and others of us with a heavy heart. Some of us have lost children and babies. Some of us wanted more than one, but only one was given. Some of us are challenged by our little ones, those with developmental challenges, and those without. Many of us are overwhelmed with the demands of motherhood. All of us cherish our children.
Life always seems a little bit sweeter on Mother's Day, the day you get to give thanks for this little person(s) who changed your life.
May your Mother's Day be sweet.


Chocolate and Steel said...

awww, that's so nice. Hope your Mother's day is nice.

brown robin said...

Liz! It's perfect. Your'e an incredible mom... hope you're reminded of that this weekend.

Sarah Jackson said...

That's very sweet. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Joy said...

aww...that's really sweet. :)