fabrics and food

Two of my favorite things in one post!

I ordered some fun Heather Ross fabric from her West Hill line from this lovely shop on etsy. I was all happy when the package arrived yesterday. When my little boy got it from the postman saying it must be for him, I think I may just have grabbed that thing right out of his hands! Can you blame me? A fabric delivery on a wet, rainy blah Wednesday. Yeah! And look at this gorgeous wrapping. It was all done so well with a handwritten note and a free fat quarter included of some cool fabric. That's good customer service I would say. And the fabric I ordered is gorgeous too, on sale here ($6 yard) at Fabricpalooza
And on to the yummy delicious cinnamon rolls we made this morning. Just because. I got this recipe from my friend Mary and have been wanting to try it. Kate asked me why we were having a party when no one was here with us. But we did save some for the boys when they get home. They were yummy. My first try at cinnamon buns, but when you put sugar, butter, and cinnamon , oh and more butter...can you go wrong?

Hope your day is scrumptious!

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the roe family said...

would you be willing to share the recipe? sweet rolls are a roe family favorite. ashamed to tell you i pop them right out of the frig and in the oven. this seems like a lovely tradition to try out.