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Today I came across this great post on The Long Thread with The Top 100 Tutorials of 2008. I was pretty excited to see such a great list of projects from other online crafters. I love using tutorials because a) you can see lots of photos of finished projects and b)someone has usually worked out all the kinks. I am always googling for tutorials when I have new things I want to try and sew or crafts to make. I have made a few things and posted here that have been from tutorials. Like this skirt, this darling little tutu and my favorite twirly skirt. Having so many all in one place is a bonus!
Link to the Long Thread blog to see more. Happy creating!


brown robin said...

hey! that is so cool! do ya mind if i post this on my blog so that even more folks can find it?

onegoldensun said...

Hi Liz,

It was wonderful to meet you! Thank you for posting this link - I love all of the amazing projects! Let's definitely get together with the little ones sometime soon.