All around things seem quiet after the holidays, don't you think? There is so much build up and expectation, so much visiting and to do lists and as my husband always says "nothing is as over as Christmas". I love having my boys home from school for such a long break and truthfully I have enjoyed this quiet so much this year. I love having so much unstructured time. Time to go outside, write thank you notes, to play with new toys to sleep in or stay up late. I feel like I have been able to say yes more and relax a bunch.
School is just around the corner for them and life will begin to pick up. But for now, I think we have been blessed with a joyful season and am thankful for the time together.
And as the new year begins and we all make those famous resolutions ( I won't bore you with mine!) we plan to gear up for another year of life and love and all that it brings! There is so much promise to a new start, I love the feeling of new ideas, plans and goals set.
Right now I am feeling thankful for my family, my close friends and the little moments of memories we are always creating.
Happy New Year!

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brown robin said...

hi there! i can totally relate to what you said in your post. for the most part, i loved our break. i just haven't felt like getting on the computer either. i'd rather sew/knit, or hang out with the kids. it's nice to slow down so much. call me when you have a chance!