little dancing girl

I was inspired by this little tutu tutorial (say that 3 times!) over at the Disdressed blog and had to try one for Kate. It is so adorable, my husband said he thinks I like it more than the 2 year old does! All this girl stuff is fairly new to us after having 2 boys, and the tutu is definitely the girliest thing that has ever gone through my sewing machine! But it was fun. It has 8 layers of pink and purple tulle and is reversible. It ties like an apron with purple grosgrain ribbon. So cute. The tutorial is easy to follow and does not take long if you want to make your own.
So with 3 Olliekate craft shows coming up in the next month, don't ask me why I am sewing up tutus!


brown robin said...

Oooo... so cute! I want to have a go at it, but yes, it has to wait till after the holidays. Of course you're loving sewing for a girl! Live it up because my sassy 5 year old has alot more ideas than she used to about what she'll wear. Big sigh.

the roe family said...

Liz!!! You continue to impress. i have a little niece who would LOVE on of those. great idea.

Jen said...

That is just darling- you will have to get her pictures in it!