perfect weekend

We had the joy of spending 2 uninterrupted days of sewing for Olliekate this past weekend. Let me say, it was just wonderful. It was amazing how time just flew on by but both of us got a ton of things sewn for the upcoming holiday shows we are paricipating in locally and to put on our etsy shop. I even made each of my own kids a new shirt that thankfully got 8 year old approval, which is not easy to come by! A weekend full of great conversation, yummy food and piles of fabric **plus a couple of good chick flicks** is just what I needed. I feel recharged and more on track.
The kids and dad got to go down to Charlotte for our annual trip to the Renaissance Festival with their grandparents so everybody had a great time, not just mama!

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brown robin said...

Hey! I'm back and JEALOUS that you got a weekend of sewing. Sounds like you girls had a much needed and productive blast. I saw a pattern that for a cute jacket that was at Waechter's. I'm trying to wrap my brain around it... I'll get back to you on it. Oh... maybe it was that company "something" + Oliver.