he won! he won!

I have to brag on my hubby for a second. Last night was this big awards gala dinner for the Parade of Homes. And guess who won the GOLD award for his category?? Non other than Longview Builders!
Kevin had to go up on stage and give his thanks and got this glass trophy, but most of all I think the rocognition for what an awesome builder he is was the best! Here are some inside shots of the house. It is prettu modern on the inside because that is what the homeowners like but the outside is total craftsman style.


brown robin said...

That is so totally exciting! Congratulations!!!! The pics are beautiful. You must both be so proud... a gold medal. You go!!!

Heather said...

THAT IS WONDERFUL!!! Go, Kevin! We are so proud of you! You are famous beyond our circles, now...there is no telling where this newfound fame will lead:)

John said...

What a great achievement!!!!!!!! Everybody in Wisconsin is so happy for you Kevin. We were wondering how you made out and then hear you got the GOLD - way to go.
We love you all - can't wait to see your reward.

Mom, Dad, Johnny and Lacy