We have 2 grocery stores near us. The one that is really close is also really old and not very nice and if you go too late at night...well you just don't go late at night. The other one is all cushy and has a Starbucks, everything is brand new. But it is farther. So anyway, this evening while the boys were at soccer with dad I needed to run out to get groceries, but had a splitting headache and was not in the mood to be out. So we ran over to the close Ingles and got a few things to get by on until we can go to the Shangrila Ingles later in the week. No big deal.
When Kevin asks our 2 year old later what we did while he was out, she says " we went to the crappy Ingles, not the nice one!" I swear that is exactly what she said. I must have been talking out loud to myself! After laughing our heads off because come on, that is kind of funny in a 2 year old voice, I thought I better watch the other things I say when I think she isn't listening!!!


Heather said...

you just made my day with that one!

Liz said...

It still makes me laugh just thinking of it and hearing that little voice!