say what???

Today was ear tube day for Grayson. This being his second round of tubes since he has still been suffering with ear infections and poor hearing. We got there bright and early and after a couple hours of waiting, 20 minutes of surgery and about the same in recovery, we were back home! He did super, was very brave and has been pretty back much back to his old self by this evening. The best part of the whole event was the "giggle juice" that anesthesia gave to him. He was so loopy and had Kevin and I rolling on the floor in tears laughing! We asked for some more to take home, but the doc said that was against policy ;)
My mom was here to help out with everyone during the surgery and decided to start Kate on the potty. Now we are armed with a dozen Elmo undies and a little girl that thinks peeing = jelly beans! Thanks Mom Mom , we will keep working on it!

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