work in progress

I am working on this little mini quilt for my very first swap. I am part of this really fun online group of crafty, fabric loving souls that love to swap fabric. It has been pretty fun to get some of the lines that are long out of print and be able to trade for fabric I have to spare. Everyone is so nice , but warning...it certainly feeds my fabric addiction! If you are interested in joining just folow the link
So one of the ladies came up with the idea to do a mini (20"x20") quilt swap with the theme being Heather Ross fabrics. Since she is one of my favorite designers, I signed up. I knew what I wanted to do pretty right off the bat. I am still finishing up and not sure if my partner will see this, but sneak peaks are fun too! Should be done soon and on it's way to her home. Then she will also make one for me, yay! I love surprises, how often do we get them really??


Life of Joy said...

I have started the 6 week Old Red Barn quilt. I am seriously addicted to sewing/fabric. I am off to check out the link. I would love to join some kind of swap. Seems like a good way to help my sad little stash.

Kerri said...

Oh, what a cute mini!! Love how you put the fabrics together!

I need to start on mine, though I did start on the dqs7 mini yesterday! :)

peaknits said...

Your quilt is darling! I mean, can you go wrong with anything Heather Ross? She is like the King Midas of fabric in my book:) You have a lucky partner!

brown robin said...

Me, me, me. Can I have it? Miss you already.