take the long way home

We were driving home today from my in-laws house after a weekend visit. Along the way my husband turns to me and says, "want to take a detour?" "Let's go visit Blowing Rock (about 45 minutes North of where we were at that exact moment) and take the kids to the park and get ice cream." Well uhmm..ok, I guess! So we trekked up the mountain and landed in the quaint little town of Blowing Rock. Mind you it is almost 5:00 on a Sunday and it started raining the second we got there. No worries, we are on an adventure we all kept saying. And secretly I think we are always trying to prove that we can still function and be spontaneous with 3 young kids! And an adventure we had! It was such a blast to spend some unplanned, and kinda wet time together. We walked around, played on that wet playground, had some pizza and ice cream too. It was a fun way to squeeze one last bit of summer and anything goes time in right before school is set to start in 2 short days. It makes me kind of sad. The schedules and the have to's are just around the corner waiting to start. But at least for today they could all wait!


goroes said...

i love that closing liz and that PICTURE! what fun!

brown robin said...

Wow, Liz. Good for you guys. I want to do that too!