at night with my girl

Every night it goes the same way. She comes and finds me, usually only a few feet away, and says "I'm ready for bed" in her little voice. She gives her round of good nights to the boys and hops in bed. She lays on "my pillow" and laughs when I tell her to make room for me. We lay in bed always in the same spots, always the same way. She turns to me and says " let's talk about our day" and we name the activities of every. single. thing we did that day. Today's events: Daddy's birthday, the pool, the first ride down the big slide, the pizza place, ice cream and home.
She says how fun it all was and gives me hugs. Then she rolls away from me toward the wall and says " Night Mommy, see you in the a.m." (same thing I always say to my kids each night). She is out like a light switch. No in between, no tossing and turning. There is wake , then instant sleep. I always lay there and listen to her little snores and soft breathing. Slowly and quietly I creep out , and I smile for the sweet routine of it all.


Anonymous said...

So sweet! What a precious little glimpse.

brown robin said...

Ah... I just love that. I can just see her doing that with you. Where's the pic with bikini and the goofy glasses?!

goroes said...

OK liz that post just brought a big lump to my throat. it was really beautiful. i had a really tough time with kate turning 7 yesterday. feeling my baby girl fade away. tonight i will cherrish the ordinary evening at home, the books before bed and the sweet goodnight kisses. what a gift it is to love a child. thanks for sharing!

Georgine said...

I like that you lay down with your daughter. My girl (almost 3) sleeps in her own bed - right next to mine - so we chit chat before falling asleep too. I am pregnant, so the thing she must do is kiss Charlie (this is what she named the baby) goodnight. Sometimes we hold hands, sometimes she asks me questions. I will have to move her bed someday, but I'll miss our night times together.

Thanks for the post. It makes me appreciate bedtime a bit more.