heading out of town

A quick trip across the border into Tennessee is just the thing for the middle of winter blahs.. We headed to Chattanooga to go to the aquarium and some other fun spots. The night in a hotel was probably the highlight for everyone. A hot tub and pool for all of us to enjoy. I started to think we could have just gone down the street for the fun that gave to all the kids!

We got to see a great aquarium with amazing displays, a kid's museum that I wish we had closer to home and even hit a tour of the Mayfield ice cream plant. Yumm... It was fun to relax, engage with the kids and be together as a family. We had the added joy of coming home in a snow storm crossing over the mountains. Oh, and a snow day today to top it off! Yeah!


brown robin said...

hey! i've been in that thing the boys were in... when i was pregnant with l. so glad you had an awesome trip. i could use something like that. today was a little rough around here. hopefully, school tomorrow.

Heather said...

LOVE the picture of Kevin and Kate...too sweet