snow fun!

We were treated to a snow day today. Really puts a halt on the schedule and the kids were thrilled. Kate got her first shot at sledding and thought it was pretty cool, until of course she was too freezing to continue! On to the hot chocolate, the board games , some pumpkin bread in the overn and a chance to relax for all. Thanks winter for a little bit of white!


Chocolate and Steel said...

oh, how fun!! your kids are adorable.

I wish we could get a little snow. That would be a blast.

the roe family said...

yes!! so glad you guys got out and had some good fun as well. the jump kills me. i wonder how many years i have before trey wants to try something like that.

i just loved this day. only thing that would have made it better on our end would have been having pete here with us to enjoy it.

see you soon!

brown robin said...

we went walking and sledding, but had to take turns staying in doors with the little guy... still sick. bummer. it is beautiful, isn't it?