been away

So I haven't been posting for a bit. I have actually started a few posts and then walked away from them. Reminds me of how life feels right now. I personally and not so secretly hate cold weather. And we have had 2 out of 3 kids sick for almost 8 days back to back. That is enough for me to never get anything done and feel like quick sand has taken over my energy level. I honestly could not see my bed the other day because there was so much laundry waiting to be folded and put away!

What a playroom can look like after a week of kids home from school ( or a day!)
So the cure for a disheveled house is definitely a visit from the in-laws! I gladly welcomed the visit with them yesterday as an excuse to put food in the pantry, cook a real meal and clean up. It is amazing how that can motivate me! We even made it out to the Arboretum even though it was freezing cold for some outdoor time.We celebrated our oldest's 9th birthday on Friday too. So we had some festivities amongst it all as well.
I am eagerly looking forward to Monday. Everyone has somewhere to be and life can get moving a little again! Hopefully more interesting thoughts will come my way as well. I have several sewing projects on my to do list and I had better get moving on those too! Hope your weekend was fun, warm and full of good health!

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