the little wren

Recently I finished some new pillows for our couch. (I got them done Heather!) But one pillow, I am especially happy with and I wanted to share how easy it was to make. I found this great tutorial off of the Anna Maria Horner blog a while back. She was on Martha and teaches how to make these fabric canvas pictures below:
And here is the one that I made using her Wren template. It now sits happily on our mantle.
Fast forward to the pillow frenzy...I decided to use this template just like we do our Olliekate appliques. I was so happy to have it all complete and I think it adds a nice touch! Simple to make, just involves some tracing, interfacing and some sewing. She has a few other animal designs you can use too or make your very own. Hopefully all these new pillows can buy us some time on our worn out couch that has lost the war with 3 kids using it!


the roe family said...

gorgeous -- way to go liz. they look great!!!

brown robin said...

love, love, love them Liz! They are so awesome. Will you make me a wren pillow too... I have the template, but have never used it. Did you end up using that tea towel?

Liz said...

I did get the tea towel one done too. It is on the other chair. I would love to make you a pillow Heather. Get me some fabric you want ot use and I will do it!