what my tuesdays look like

Ever since school has begun and I have a few days where all 3 kids are gone, I have marked off Tuesday as my sewing day. I knew if I didn't tell myself to have one day where I don't need to clean, run errands, volunteer etc, etc then I would never sew anything for the shop. So today I had about 3 almost uninterrupted hours to cut out bibs and appliques. We are having a sewing weekend in just a few days and I want to get as much cut out as I can. I am so excited, I can hardly stand it. Two whole days of no husband, no kids or anything else, just sewing! Rebecca and I are getting ready for an upcoming home show we are hosting in the fall. So we have grand plans.
Anyway, amongst all the cutting and hurrying I lifted my head and had to take a quick pic of this mess! So Tuesday mornings are for sewing and it looks like the rest of the day is for cleaning it all up!

There is a bed under there!
Piles of little elephants!
Bibs Galore!

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