Life this week has been busy but good. I am in the middle of working with a web designer for my husband's building company. We do not have an official website yet for his company and in this day and age we might as well live under a rock without one. It has been a lot of research and computer time and lots of practice on my camera, that I love but don't know how to use 80% of the functions!

Some shots from his latest project. No, it is not our house, but I wish it was. For now our 100 year old house with small closets, slanted floors and quirkiness will have to do. One day..
But he is super talented (at least I think so) and this house looks amazing. We will be in our local Parade of Homes this fall and are busily getting ready for that. Hence I have to get the website done before then!

I had to stop while I was busy hurrying around today to get stuff done to shoot these pics of Kate. In order to get about 15 minutes of anything done, I gave her a box of poker chips and 3 buckets. She had a blast. After I took these shots, she began to throw them all over the floor laughing hysterically. Preschool is already paying off! Ah!!

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brown robin said...

wow!!! i wish it were mine too. kevin's house looks great. miss you.