growing up

Well, it is the end to a busy weekend around here and while I should be getting my sleep I am up with an aching tooth from last week's crown incident and thinking about all the things we have done the past few days. A conversation I had with a friend is running through my head about our oldest boys. They are both 8 1/2 (and the half matters!), and are in that magical age of life where you can flow from being a big kid to being little again within moments and without judgement. It is so fleeting to watch them grow. I often long to press the pause button. The little boy that slept in my bed the night before "just because" can now hardly stop for a hug or hold my hand because he is speeding by so quickly! On to his next activity, running outside or dreaming of things he wants to do. I look at him and I
can see the big kid inside him just waiting at the gates to burst through. I know it is an age old sentiment, but I have realized that every mom will experience these feelings herself at some point and they are uniquely ours and different with every child. I just hope that I can remember all these sweet moments as he grows and they get buried with time!

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brown robin said...

Oh! I so know what you mean even though she's 5 and not 8.5. It is going so fast. Life is it's usual chaos with some anxiety thrown in. I'll call you soon, friend.