design & target

Lately I am sure everyone has seen the plethora of designers that are making their way into your local Target. First when I saw Orla Kiely, I was really quite excited because one of her bags has been on my want list for a few years. (still on that list) But then yesterday I saw a new commercial for Liberty of London. They are one of the oldest fabric designers from London and make beautiful and very soft and very pricey fabrics for sewers and home goods. But wait, what is this? They are coming to Target too? I couldn't believe it! I am not above shopping for them there either, because quite honestly that is more in my price bracket than $25 yard for fabric. They come out March 14th but in the meantime, head over to this site and you can download some of these gorgeous prints for your desktop as well as have a sneak peek at what will be in stores. What do you think about all these designers moving to the big boxes? Is this a sign of these economic times or do you think it is nice that normal pocket books can get in on some great style?


brown robin said...

I haven't looked at the Target link, but do ya think that part of it is the Recession and part of it is that there is so much quality fabric out there these days? I just remember 6 years ago looking for fabric and finding very little compared to what's availabe today. I don't know.... I'm interested to hear what others think. BTW.. Miss you.

iSew said...

Are you kidding me? Liberty at Target?!?! Wow, that's exciting. I've got a bag of fabric from Liberty that I just look at every now & then. I'm afraid to use it!