here's to the weekend

This weekend I will be heading out of town for my favorite event of the year. A good friend and I pack the minivan with all our sewing gear and head to the middle of nowhere and hole up in a really old farmhouse to sew our hearts out! Sound fun to you? Then you are my type of person, because it is Heaven for me! All that time to sew, talk, drink wine, eat and relax! I am starting on my next quilt project. This one will be for my 9 year old son. I have cut all the fabric this week so as to not waste time doing the thing I like the least in sewing: cutting!

I will hopefully have lots of pictures to share next week of a finished top at the least!

Hope your weekend is full of fun and creativity as well!


KID, MD said...

Absolute Heaven!! Lucky you. Have a great time!

Regina said...

sounds like heaven! enjoy!!
regina, flickr

goroes said...

wow! i am so envious! great new colors and fabric. can't wait to see the end result.

Tracy said...

That sounds like such fun. My mom and I have done that in the past but on scrapbooking retreats. Now I scrap digitally but going away to sew...now that is a good idea! Enjoy.

brown robin said...

Oh Liz! You have been bitten by the quilting bug, and I sooo get it! Have fun on your get away... of course I am green with envy.

Dana said...

Can't wait to see what this turns into. :)

And, thanks for the little fabric swap. I recognize the blue dots from here. :)