saturday , december 6th

Craft show season is just about over for us but we are excited for one more show tomorrow in Black Mountain. It is a fundraiser for my good friend Heather's Montessori school. The Holiday Parade is going on at the same time so the whole family can have a fun day in beautiful Black Mountain!
Rebecca and I are still busy sewing so we can have some fresh new designs for tomorrow's sale and fill up our inventory.
I laughed today when I told her over the phone that I just used my daughter's detangler to "style" my hair, my kids had 1/2 sandwich sent to school because we are out of everything in the kitchen and my 8 year old walked around this morning telling me he couldn't find any clothes to wear because they are all dirty!
When I get busy sewing , the house of cards that I keep balanced comes crumbling down! No worries, all that will still be waiting for me on Sunday...

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! Sounds like my house! Love to hear the inside scoop!