oliver + s ice cream dress

I did it. I finally finished this dress! It is the Oliver+S ice cream dress. I had been looking at the pattern online since it came out, finally got to my local store to buy it and then it sat and sat and sat for a while until I could get to it. I haven't made any clothes, from a pattern at least, in quite a while. Cutting it out proved to be a challenge because the size range is 5-12 and I wanted to make sure I kept all the sizes for the future. Tracing paper nowhere in site of course , when I needed it!
I used the Modern Meadow line by Joel Dewberry for the floral and a Kona Cotton Solid in pink. About these patterns: this was my first try at an oliver+s pattern and I have to say I really like it. It came together very nicely, directions easy to follow and just a little bit of challenge without feeling like I was in the deep end of the pool. I did a double hem for the first time, and did understitching (keeps the hem from flipping up). I don't care for how heavy the bottom panel of the skirt is but that may be the crispness of my fabric and get better with washing. It seems a little too belled out right now for my taste.
The modifications I had to make for user error were that I omitted the notch in the front yoke, because I didn't like how it looked and the pockets! Oh, those pockets came out awful, so in frustration I left them off. As soon as my 4 year old put it on she says,"Does this dress have pockets? You know I really like to have pockets." Go figure.
Maybe I will add them another day!
So, I would definitely recommend the pattern and plan to sew up a couple more for this Spring. The front yoke comes together easily and the gathering is a cinch. I made the size 5 for my 4 1/2 year old and the length is good, the width is roomy. But the style is forgiving for that and works just fine. You will love the little button detail on the back. So easy and sweet! Have you made this dress already? What did you think? Or any other Oliver+Spatterns you would suggest?


brown robin said...

so adorable! thanks for posting the pic... can't wait to see her in it.

Miss Creativity said...

Hi just found you while browsing and I love the little girls dress. Takes me back to when my daugher was small and cute - she is now large and cute. Thank you for such a lovely blog and if you ever fancy a virtual cuppa then pop on over to my place you are always sure of a warm welcome.
Take care, keep safe, be happy

Emily said...

This dress is all kinds of wonderful. I love it. You picked the perfect fabric combination for a little girl.

DallasJenn said...

Just a thought about the pockets... google "badskirt ice cream social" for an alternate method. i used this approach, and my pockets have a lovely, soft curve. i like that they're lined, too.