little goodies

My youngest turns 4 in a few days. So amazing, so fast it is going. We had a little party to celebrate and it was a good opportunity to get me out of my sewing/blogging slump! Little goodie bags made from all of my favorite polka dot fabric stash. I filled them with crayons, lollipops and little homemade coloring books. Lots of fun and worth the time. Loving Handmade, especially for our most special memories. Hope your summer was great, sent the kids off to school this morning and getting back into the swing of things!

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brown robin said...

Oh Liz! I'm so excited that you're posting again. Those were the sweetest bags filled with lovely goodies. Happy birthday, Mama. You are such a dear friend, and I feel absolutely blessed that our children's birth is possibly what created the connection in our lives. Can't imagine my days without you all! xoxoxo