works in progress

I have been sewing a bit the past few days after I bought some really nice linen from Sew Mama Sew. It is a nice heavy weight that would be good for home dec. projects. I have been wanting a new bag for a while and decided to use the linen to make a patchwork tote with some of my favorite fabrics. It is still in progress b/c the handles are too long and the whole bag is kind of huge so I am not totally done...yet. But on to the linen, which I love the look of in sewing projects. I practiced some sketching with thread (for lack of a better name) on linen with fabric scraps. It is fun to do and the possibilities are endless. Simply, iron on your fabric that is backed with fusible interfacing to the linen in the shape you want. Using your darning foot, you stitch the outline of the shape as you would with a marker or pen. I like the whimsical look of going around a few times and using a dark brown or black thread looks best. Now these are just rough examples but I have a fabric canvas idea brewing in my head that could look pretty cool. Here are some more ideas from flickr of what you could dream up: here and here.My 3 year old is sick today so sewing will slow a bit! She is listening to a book on tape right now which has been one of my best parenting finds since my oldest was little. Great in the car or in the house, they love it! Have a great day!


Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

I saw your bag in my reader and I ran right over to check it out! I know that a linen patchwork bag is not necessarily a new concept but I really love your take on it! I love the grouping of fabrics and the long bands of patchwork instead of the little squares.

Sketching with thread looks fun. : )

machen und tun said...

the bag will be gorgeous, it already looks very pretty to me. and i love that stiching, i never dared to try that with my rather serious machine :-)

brown robin said...

lovely... just lovely. sorry i got your text too late, but the handles look fine. yeah!!!! you're sewing. i went home the day after being with you and made that quick shawl. maybe we inspire that in one another... a little sewing... a little dreaming... i don't know. looking forward to seeing more of you this summer.

Tasha Horsley said...

i love your tote and the sketchy stitching examples!! maybe i'll get around to trying it out someday!! :)