Recently I got an email from a sweet woman named Tasha who invited me to join a flickr group for embroidery. I wrote her back to say, that I didn't know how to embroider and had never really tried, so I didn't think I would be a good person for a hand stitched theme. Ever since I have been sewing, I have always said: I don't sew by hand. Truth is, I never really tried. When I put the binding on my first quilt, it felt so wonderful! Well anyway, Tasha was sweet enough to take my response as a chance to open me up to embroidery. She has the cutest little shop over at etsy that sells embroidery patterns. She sent me a pattern for a cute little dress along with some pointers and directions to get started. I like a good challenge and agreed to give it a go!And you know what? I really liked sewing by hand! It was relaxing and rewarding and a nice change from being on my machine. Now, I included my example below and I know it is full of mistakes: like stitch length for one! But remember I am a beginner but now I want to give her other patterns a try to make this cute dress series for my little girl's room!

So thank you Tasha for introducing me to a new hobby and your wonderful shop and blog. If you would like to check it out you can follow the links below. Here's to trying something new!

A Little Sweetness: find lots of sweet patterns and more
Tasha's Blog : for more embroidery inspiration


Tasha Horsley said...

liz! thanks for doing this sweet post. you're so nice. :) i love your little dress...it is fun to see it in another color! and i'm so glad it wasn't a miserable experience for you. now i'm going to need pointers from you on free motion quilting! i tried for my first time the other day and it was a horrendous outcome!

brown robin said...

That is soooo sweet, Liz! I love embroidery too. I think doing work by hand is so meditative. I think knitting is next on your list...

Anonymous said...

I love it!! You stitched a sweet little dress!! I will have to save for the patterns!!

Sheau said...

This is inspiring. I have been thinking to try hand embroidery too. mmm, can you tell me what kind of pen you used to trace the pattern? It will wash off after?