sewing in good company

Can you stand yet another picture of a quilted pillow! But, yes here they are. I had the fun opportunity to spend the weekend with my closest girlfriends...sewing! I made another round of pillows for our Olliekate November Handmade Holidays show. We had so much fun sharing all of our sewing ideas, I am always inspired by these women. I took my first real try at a string quilt method using this tutorial. It was pretty labor intensive but the effect is cool and once quilted I think it will make a neat pillow. I can't imagine making a whole quilt like it at this point though! Too bad the weekend couldn't last longer. Thanks for the fun time girls!


Anonymous said...

MUNKI GOLDFISH!! I just ordered up some a' those fellas the other day and have taken to stalking my mailman with great anticipation. Beautiful projects - I love the look of string quilts, but I doubt I could have the focus to make enough blocks to make something of it!

brown robin said...

Oh wow! The string quilt pillow turned out fabulous! You are becoming one talented quilter, my friend.

Ann-Marie said...

these pillows are sooooo cute!