we heart etsy

Have you shopped on etsy yet? Well, you should because they really do have such amazing handmade gifts. I am all about making this Christmas handmade. Not just things I make so I have turned to etsy to get my list done. I can't show you everything I have gotten since you might be receiving it!! But I want to showcase some sellers that I think are tops!

Some of Olliekate's favorites: (but there are loads more wonderful sellers so go check them out, I bet you can find what you are looking for! Use the search box on the home page of Etsy)

Chocolate and Steel: silver jewelry
Say Your Piece: personalized ornaments
YeeHaw: letterpress, cool cards
JD Wolfe Pottery: gorgeous!
Joom: very cool pillows
Pretty In Posies:Felt flower hair clips for those little girls on your list

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Chocolate and Steel said...

Thanks for including me! I love bailey doesn't bark too. One of my favorites:)